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American version of Big Big Trains made by

The American Machine & Foundry Company

(AMF) in the USA


At first, even second, glance this looks like a set made in the UK with standard components. The main thing that gives it away, other than the BRIGHT colours used, is the Caboose with end verandas. All the items closely follow the British Big Big Trains models but are all slightly different and from different moulds. NOTE, the box picture actually shows a British Locomotive and open wagon.


AMF Incorporated: 1900 - 1985
AMF Incorporated was founded as the American Machine & Foundry Company Inc in New York in 1900 to manufacture automated machines for the tobacco industry.

The company continued to expand its activities in automated machinery into many areas including, just prior to World War II the automatic pinspotter. The war effort delayed the introduction of this latter proposal until 1959 when it revolutionised tenpin bowling and touched off a boom in the sport.

Involvement with tenpin bowling led AMF into a broad range of sporting equipment during the 1960's and 70's including Head tennis racquets and skis, Tyrolia bindings, Ben Hogan golf clubs, Voit inflatable balls, Mares scuba gear, Hatteras yachts and many other recreational products such as snowmobiles, bicycles, children's toys and even, (during the 1970's), Harley Davidson motor cycles.